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Thoughts on Last Night and Beyond

I am trying to be balanced about this but it is not easy. There has been a split in the United support since around mid-September between those who are utterly horrified at the tactical straightjacket that Micky Mellon has placed on the players in order to protect our defence but has seen us grind out points (often 0-0's but every now and again, grab a win against the bottom six teams) but has led to some of the worst football I have ever seen a Dundee United side produce. This group has argued that the players we have, although clearly not great, have more to offer in an attacking sense especially given our strikers but are being completely stifled as an attacking force by the manager. The other group argues that points on the board are all that matter and that the club's very survival this season is at stake due to the financial havoc of Covid 19 and that performances don't matter, only the league table and the balance sheet. Now of course ultimately, the club's healt
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The Bipolar Years (Part 7: 2014-2015 'Mon the Balance Sheet)

I'll be honest. There are large swathes of this season that I have no recollection of whatsoever. That's unusual since I normally have a good memory of these things when I get going. It's actually like I have mentally blocked it out. I just watched a game against Aberdeen that we lost 2-0 at home in and honestly cannot remember being at it, even though after their second goal I can pick myself out. There is a 3-2 win against Ross County up there that I also can't remember although watching it I just LOL'd at the fact they had Lewis Toshney and Paul Quinn as centre halves. There's no point bullshitting everyone and writing some sort of blow-by-blow account of this season so I'll stick to the bit's I actually DO remember; be that particular games, performances or general feelings of the season which proved to be the pivotal point of the decade for United. If you want to torture yourself, go on the ever-excellent Arab Archive since most of the games this s

Jim McLean

It is telling that the one man who would disagree that today is the saddest day in the history of Dundee United would be Jim Mclean himself. He'd be much more likely to say it was either of our relegations because they fell way below the standards expected of Dundee United Football Club. Standards he set and as a boy had me feeling like you were entering an almost mythical environment when you went to Tannadice because you always believed you could be away to witness a team that on its day could match ANY team out there, at home or abroad. When you watch Scottish football matches today, exciting as it still is, you know that it is virtually a different sport from the games you watch in the English Premiership, La Liga, Serie A or the Bundesliga in terms of technique, fitness, tactical know-how and yet in my lifetime, with no significant resources Jim McLean created a team which was a match for all of these leagues. I was still in nursery school when we won the league but, remember

The Inconvenient Truth

Strange Vibes I can't be the only one who feels a wee bit unsure of things at United at the moment?  On the one hand, we are currently sitting with 11 points from 9 games which in my opinion, is pretty decent. To be honest, if we repeat that in each of the first three rounds of games then win another 6 points post-split, then we will stay up comfortably, a feat which most of us would have taken at the start of the season. I don't know though, it just feels that something isn't quite right at Tannadice just now. On the surface, everyone appears to be open, honest and transparent but, everything feels artificial.  It's like there is something, something that we are not being told. Communication is always the most difficult thing to get right in employment. Dundee United's communication really could be an interesting module for Media Studies students. Over the long spring and summer period though there have been some really strange periods at the club and some communi

The Bipolar Years Part 6: 2013-2014-The Emperor's New Clothes

No sure who the biggest arsehole on the day was... "Did we win?"  "No, ya clown, the games no even started yet." "Just leave is. Ah canna get up. I just want to sleep." 17th May 2014, 2:45pm just down the road from Celtic Park as I am woken up having fallen asleep on the bus from The Lee in Glasgow to Parkhead. Paralytic. I was then carried off the bus whereby the blast of air hits me as I stepped outside, took about two paces and just collapsed. Somebody then spray paints my hand as I manage to give the finger to my mates who of course have snapped about half a dozen pictures of me in an absolutely shambolic state.  This was the high point of the day. I wish they'd just left me on the bus tbh.  Somehow I made it to the game, climbed about 4000 steps up to the top tier of the stand behind the goal but not before noticing that I wasn't the only tangerine drunken mess trying to get into the game.  The streets and the concourses were littered with the